Members are welcome to volunteer to serve on a committee. This is a great way to enhance your involvement in the Council and is a stepping stone to leadership roles. Current committees are:

Recruit new members, retain current members and develop membership policies to recommend t
o the Board
Christine Buckely, Chair
Carlos Rodriguez, Vice Chair
Michael Bowden
Steve Shane
Networking and Social Media  
Plan two social events per year and expand the Council’s social media presence

Jennifer McManus, Chair
Dan Flynn
Patrick O'Guinn

Laura Thomas
Lauren Leffler


Identify topics and speakers for four education sessions per year
Tara Brummel, Chair
Kathlene Callinan
Susan Land
Missy Mattey

Build the Council’s roster of supporters and add non-dues revenue to support Council activities
Scott Zilber, Chair
Doug Hostetler
Raymond Javier